Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Bound Creativity

Ahhh...As I write these words my son is playing the guitar. We are in our favorite space. Iris Stream Art Studio. Entering this room in my home is like entering a cocoon of peace.  Lately my studio has offered warmth and creative vibes from the frigid outdoors.  Several visual journal pages were completed while hunkering down at home. 

What do you think of this first piece, Winter Seed Wings? While painting the background thoughts of floating seeds and snowflakes intermingled. Why put seeds and snowflakes together? I was comparing how each drifts through the air.

Additional visual journal pages are my expressions of sowing seeds. Milliande shares, "How will the seeds you scatter bloom in another's garden?"  The seeds I sow need to show authenticity. My hope is through living a daily life in Christ I will be transparent and real. All for the purpose of helping us all to bloom into a restorative and intimate relationship with God.

Go sow your seeds.

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