Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Escape to Christiansons Nursery

I almost forgot about the gray lid of sky this afternoon. Ran the Man and I took a Sunday drive to Christiansons Nursery in Mt. Vernon. Inside one greenhouse we found this wonderful collection of citrus plants. Bright yellow lemons ornamented several trees. There were even little tiny quince growing on green bushes. Randy was reminded of his childhood in California when he would would wander around orange groves. Oranges usually don't grow in rainy damp Washington. Today we surrounded ourselves with tropical fruit, prehistoric sized ferns, and greenhouse warmth.

Tangerines ready for the picking.

Near the back of the greenhouse were some caged doves. Several tall cages were decorated  in the shabby-sheek style. Inside the cages the doves cooed peacefully. Little did we know that they were hiding a secret. Inside one of the rust gilded cages we found:

 Fledgling Baby Doves!!!

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