Friday, July 6, 2012

Rust Proofing a Creative Soul

Morning Ferry to San Juan Island

I'm back from taking a break. After the success of my Ski to Sea painting my creativity was corroding. Some were seeing my opportunities with disfavor. To stay true to who I really, really am as a Christ follower it was time for me to quiet myself. Kelly Minter writes, "When opposition comes our way, it's essential to know we're in the right place doing the right thing". In prayer God confirms how to be exactly on the right path.

Prayer, planning and guarding your heart are basic to warding off rust. Listening to God's plan for your life brings confidence. Moving forward from that secure point brings clear action steps. Actions that guard my sensitive little heart. Daily filtering by talking in an uplifting manner, sharing the joy of life with others, and TRUTH telling. Planning results from deciphering what should be going in and out of my daily experiences. I have found that through keeping a spiritual focus my creativity increases.  

"Guard your heart, for from it flow springs of life".   Proverbs 4:23  

A marvelous thing happens while rust-proofing my creative soul. Requests for displaying my paintings grew. I didn't self-promote. Managers with key public display spaces are contacting me. Could this be a positive result from taking time to pray and seeking heart healthy relationships?

Now, go get some RustOleum for your creative heart.

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