Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shu Fly Pie

Clever Momma. Why did she make such a special pie? Could it be because she has an upstairs secret?

This mixed-media project gives you an opportunity to play with whimsical line design. My collection of personal ephemera tell a fun story. Clever paint layering techniques bring motion to whimsy.

An old vintage flannel board oven image brought out the creative heat on this piece. Whimsical layers of tissue, painted paper, transparency, and old quilt patterns bake up the base.

Whimsy shows its quaint style in the swooping house shape, swirling carbon pencil clouds, and windows jetting out in unexpected angles.

Cut a house shape from art paper. Remember to draw the house in an odd shape (tilted or swooping sides, smaller/larger roof, odd angles). Paint house with vivid layers of color. I start by scribbling lines on with a crayon. Then paint with old school colors. Stencil in areas with contrast color. Add more depth with a darker hue of the prominent color (for this piece I top aqua with cobalt turquoise). Continue to add more layers with paint, stamping, and carbon pencil. When dry glue to background.

Did you notice that momma’s shu fly pie shines. Don’t forget the glitter. Glitter adds nostalgia.
Now, go eat some Shu Fly pie! 



  1. Shu Fly Pie sounds super yummy! Love your work here AND the colors!