Monday, October 22, 2012


While reading through the Arts and Life Section of the Seattle Times I pleasantly discovered a feature on Robin Crookall. She is an amazingly talented dimensional artist originating out of Bellingham. In fact, I often think of her in the Fall. Once she left a tender message to my son designed all out of flaming red lacy maple leaves. She is so creative. It gave me joy to see her newest exhibit featured in the Times. She photographs objects that she has manipulated from cardboard and paper. One of her latest is, "Whale Skeleton on Staircase". It's awesome. She has placed it on a grand staircase in just the right position to show off the detail of her design.

Sunday's paper also did a feature on Rhonda Scott's Friday Harbor shop, Vital Elements. I know Rhonda from ArtFest days. She makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Somerset Studio magazine has featured some of her mixed-media pieces on their cover. to my two creative friends. So...poop to me. When am I going to get a feature story in the Seattle Times?

Now, go tell your writer friends about my paintings. Pretty please.

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