Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rose Hips

In the middle of my dining table sits a pathetic floral arrangement. It was destined for the trash last week. No time for dumping out the entire bouquet. Instead,  a few days ago I took out the wilted and smooshed dahlias. A fuzzy kind of ooze dripped from their stems as I ran for the garbage. Yesterday the slouching ferns saw their demise. All that remains are rose hips and dry flaking leaves perching from a red vase. Gaunt remnants from random pluckings of decaying blooms. 

It is too late to throw out the left-over bouquet. Every time I try to pick up the vase rogue leaves fall off. Leaves which crumble to dust just from the thought of cleaning them off the table. So far...the leaves are winning. It might be best to just wait until they all fall off. 

Rose hips are beneficial for your health. Tea can be made from these plump autumn fruits. Just make sure you have correctly identified them as rose hips. If in doubt, throw it out...and run to the market for commercial organic  tea bags. 

Rose hip tea is a great way to shore up your resistance against all kinds of winter illnesses. Drinking this tea full of vitamins A, B, C, E and K helps protect your precious cuddly self from colds. 

Rose Hip tea recipe:
Prepare hips by snipping off stem and blossom ends. Cut the hips in half to remove seeds. Make sure to wash well. Lay on a screen to completely dry. To steep, pour boiling water over rose hips and wait to two minutes. 

Enjoy sipping that steamy cup of Cs.

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