Monday, March 26, 2012

Painting a Bird Wing

Durer's 'Wing of a Roller

ArtFest 2012 is this week. One of the classes I am taking, The Curiosities Within, by Tracie Huskamp, will focus on detail of found objects from nature. Besides the detail of painting, I will also learn how to fold, sculpt and manipulate paper into three-dimensional curiosities.

Painting a bird wing with acrylics instead of watercolors will be a challenge. Layers of depth are easier to glaze with watercolors. If done slowly and thoughtfully the feathers become light are airy. Watercolor layering starts with light and works toward dark hues. Acrylics tend to go from ultra-marine to sienna, to yellow ochre, and light gray.

 In Dürer's watercolor study of this bird's wing the detail is incredible. Look closely at it. Do you see where every feather overlaps the next one beneath it. I am awestruck with how real his painting looks. 

So on this rainy day I am sketching bird wings and experimenting with different values of gray. How do you make a warm gray with acrylics?

See you at ArtFest!

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  1. Hey there! Great post Pam! You continue to amaze me ~ and inspire me to add a few "outside" my box goals to my ever growing list of things to learn & do. I'm sure you likely have a much wider selection of acrylics than I currently have - painting w/any medium is fascinating, (I haven't had the proper work area to get back into the acrylics as heavily as I focused on them before working w/watercolors more now due to space constraints) Anyhow- I used to use a Goose Feather & I think Country Tan shade to vary up the gray colors a bit ~ and loved the shades of black that you could get when adding Citron or Avacado to Black as well. Not sure if this is what your looking for - but thought I'd pass it along & say thanks for the post! Enjoy your day & keep up the good work! =)