Friday, April 27, 2012

Transparent Layers

What tickles your eye? For me, it is light sparkling on water. How could layers a light shine within or through paper?

I think of a technique by Susan Lenart Kazmer.  Papers can be treated with her product Ice Resin for a transparent effect. A thin coating is made by exactly mixing both solutions together. As the resin cures it absorbs into the paper fibers.

And here's the good news: Glitter can be added to the resin as it dries for adding bling. 

I found all kinds of interesting effects in my resin experiments. In the examples from this photo five distinct papers were given the Ice Resin treatment. Some papers are more transparent than others. I found that aged ephemera has the most exciting results. One of the papers in my example is from an old ledger. Hand writing from the original peeks through dimensionally from both sides. This is a really neat effect. Really neat, really cool.  I glammed up it further by salting a bit of old German glitter while the resin was still wet.

On the largest paper I wrote over the velum like page with an Elegant Writer calligraphy pen. By angeling the point from wide to narrow my handwriting took on a vintage look. The quote is from a woman's diary who visited the Museum of Garden History in England. "...her garden journals, contain her color sketches illustrating where the color should go in a color layout of her garden..I poured over them", wrote  Laurie Kellar. Her sketches remind me of the nature journal I keep. 

After all this experimenting, I have decided to add the transparent seed packets and garden diary quotes to my in process wildflower altered book. Who knows, maybe someday my nature journals will inspire others in a garden museum.

Now go spread some resin over some neat old page!

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  1. These are cool looking, Pam! I don't have the Ice Resin and am resisting buying more supplies. Do you think EnviroTex would give a similar effect?