Friday, May 18, 2012

Creative Superhero

What inner critic is blocking you from being you best creative self? Are you ready to release your creative Superhero? 

On May 20th I am teaching a class to our local SAS  (Sisters in Art Society) group on releasing your Creative Superhero. I will facilitate a process of going from recognizing creative blocks to identifying next steps for fulfilling artistic dreams. We will contemplate what we want to experience next in our creative lives. 

By way of our dream vortex (drawn on the cover) we will draw a superhero to break through our inner critic. It is really fun to draw yourself as a superhero. Something I didn't really think I would get into. Yet, when personalizing a superhero template it made me laugh. Why do girl superheros have such itty-bitty waists and boobalicious chests? My image has a much thicker waist and uneven girls. I love her confident stance. Art journal and paintbrush at hand she is ready to conquer her next visual journal piece. 

Seriously, my inner critic tells me that I don't have the time to publish. My heart has such a desire to publish e-books and guest blogs. It is time that I vanquished this bleak block and used my Superhero cape to soar into publishing.

Inside my dream vortex there is this thought, "I am not origami, time to UNFURL". 

Now, go unfurl your Super Cape!


  1. WhooHoo ... she's been released!

  2. Up, up and away! I loved your lettering on the front page of your piece.

  3. pam ... i will miss you in our altered book group. have you also decided to leave sas? you've been making some big decisions it seems. argh finished your altered book and gave it to helen yesterday. i really enjoyed working in it.